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Zizyphus spinosa cv Suanzao

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 This is a tree of northwest a&f university experiment and demonstration in red standing ziziphi tree. And the name, ratchet ziziphi son, and wild dates, mountain dates, Gregory needle etc, in China since ancient times in the wild. Fruit nearly spherical or oblong, peel red or purple, small stone fruit, when mature reddish brown, taste is sour. The nutrition value high ziziphi, also has the medicinal value.


  Ziziphi medicinal value: traditional Chinese medical classics recorded cold-induced febride ziziphi can "Ann five zang-organs, prolong the intellectual man fit." So, must not look down upon this wild fruit, it has a lot of medicinal value, can rise to raise liver, NingXin, sedative, gathered the role of sweat. Medicine it often treat neurasthenia, upset insomnia, dream, night sweats, yi jing, and other diseases. At the same time, and can reach a certain nourishing and strong effect. Common Chinese medicine "calm sleeping pill", it is the main component for zi is made. With neurasthenia people could use zi 3, 6 grams, add sugar and research, before I go to sleep at night boiled water tone takes, significant therapeutic effect.


  Ziziphi nutritional value: lies in its composition. It not only like other fruits, contain potassium, sodium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, selenium and so on many kinds of trace elements; More important is, fresh ziziphi contain a lot of vitamin C, its content is the red jujube 2-3 times, citrus of 20 to 30 times, in the human body's utilization rate to 86.3%, is the best of all the fruit.


  In recent years, the British scholar in the observation of weak in patients, found that regularly ate the continuous ziziphi, its recovery speed than pure multivitamins more than six times of fast. Therefore, prevention ziziphi has proven anti-aging and raise colour life role. Often drink SuanZaoZhi may spleen yiqi, can improve complexion is not honor, skin dry, body weight, face swelling and other symptoms. In addition, ziziphi contains a lot of vitamin E, can promote the blood circulation and tissue growth, make the skin and hair has burnish, let facial wrinkles stretch.



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